What to Wear: To Workout.


Hi Friends,

Firstly, I just want to say thank you for all your sweet comments and well wishes for Hazelle’s first day of school today. We also dropped Xander into day care and they both did really, really well. They were both totally shattered by the end of the day however and as I’m writing this we are still trying to get Xander to sleep, I think he is so overstimulated from all the change today and a bit out of whack due to only have 2 catnaps during the day as opposed a one big long sleep.

Anyway, another big win today was my second session back at the gym. It was a pretty hectic morning rushing to drop the kids at school, then get to the gym, workout, shower and then pick the kids back up, all within two hours and in the Delhi peak hour traffic but nevertheless we did it and I had a great workout.

When I get a bit more consistency to my exercise routine I thought I might share my workouts with you, if that is something you’d be interested in? Today however it’s all about fashion. Back in the day I used to work for lululemon athletica and hence acquired more activewear than any human needs for a whole lifetime. I left lululemon when I was just about to have my first baby and despite constant hand me downs to my family and friends, a few runs to charity shops and regular closet culls, I still had enough in my cupboard to happily see me through the next 3 years. I absolutely love the design, quality and fit of all lululemon products and it is only now after 5+ years, 2 pregnancies and 2 babies that I am starting to feel the need to freshen up my exercise gear.

So, where to start? As I mentioned in my previous post, despite the more conservative dress codes in India, the gym is one place that I can wear exactly what I would wear anywhere else in the world, with the one exception of very short shorts. We all know that there isn’t any shortage in activewear available right now, and whilst I could list a whole bunch of ‘trends’ like primary colours, reflective gear and athlesuire styles, (in my opinion) none of them actually really matter. I think the only rules to abide by when shopping for workout gear is to 1. Get the right fit, 2.Choose quality fabrics and 3.Buy clothes that you are excited to put on and will give you that extra motivation to get to the gym or outside exercising.

With all that being said, here are a few products that I’ve got my eyes on!


Adidas Original  “3-stripe leggings”


Port De Bras  “Allegra” Leggings

If you click on a few of the links you will see that a lot of the products I’ve selected are from Stylerunner which is seriously the best one-stop-shop for all on trend, affordable and seriously cool activewear and shoes. It also looks like I’ve got a thing for Adidas at the moment! Cant wait to do some shopping and get my hands on some of these goodies and get exercising again. Happy training everyone xx.

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