Diary Of An Expat: Week 6


Smile kids, it’s your first day of school in a new country! Not so keen on the milestone photo? Ok moving on. 

Phew, this week flew by. This week saw Hazelle start school and Xander Day Care, but just as quickly as they started they stopped when Hazelle came down with a nasty cold, and then of course passed it on to Alexander by the end of the week. So out of 5 days, Hazelle went 3 times and Xander twice. Ha-ha, not quite the robust start that we’d imagined but I guess easing into our new routine isn’t a bad thing. I’m just grateful that we weren’t counting on them being in care. I can only imagine how stressful / frustrating it would be for parents with minimal flexibility in their jobs and trying to manage sick kids around that .

The funny thing of course is that the one day that Hazelle was at school and I was at home with only Xander, I missed her so much and wanted her to be back at home with me. After two+ years of her always being with me, I missed my little shadow. Be careful what you wish for I guess, huh?

Highlight: I won’t talk much more about the kids starting school because I’m sure you’ve heard enough but it definitely was the highlight of the week, as well as getting back to the gym. The little bit of free time was great for my mental wellbeing and although the juggle to get everything done within 2 hours is hectic, the investment in the kids and ourselves is well worth it. The close proximity of the gym to Starbucks is also a  big plus ;).


Picture from my Snapchat. Username: caitlinmarwaha

New Words I learnt: Guys, I’m taking this section out. I am so bad with learning the language and even if I do learn some new words I forget them almost immediately. I would say I tried but obviously not hard enough….

Things I’m loving: Connecting with you all. Since I’ve started to post more frequently on the blog I have loved getting your feedback and comments and it seems you are really enjoying the content variety too? My biggest audience is still in Australia and although I would love to make some more connections here in India, it is nice to feel that link with ‘home’. I am amazed and excited that brands still want to collaborate despite the (many) extra miles between us. I love doing my lifestyle posts and I’ve had some questions about my diet (see below) so I’m thinking that I’ll do a ‘Day On A Plate’ post soon.

Things I’m missing: My husband and I talk about things we miss on an almost daily basis. We are very happy here and there are many things that we love about India but there is no doubt that moving from a developed country to a developing one, leaves you missing some creature comforts. Sometimes its food that we miss (this week it was lamb chops for hubby and bacon for me hehe), or unlimited water, but the biggest thing we’ve felt this week is our independence. There are so many restrictions here ranging from cultural ones like what to wear and eat, practical ones like who can drive and then personal ones like living in our own house. We know that our situation is temporary but this week we’ve found ourselves dreaming and planning about our eventual next step and looking forward to the greater ‘freedoms’ that it will bring.

What I’m looking forward to: I’d say I’m ‘looking forward’ to this with bated breath, but I have quite a bit of fun mail coming my way from various sources and I cant wait for it to get here. The problem is that the mail system is complicated at best and I have yet to even see the mailman, so fingers crossed I finds me.

Your questions:

Do you feel self conscious as a foreigner in India? 

There is no doubt that I stand out here. Being tall, female and fair skinned is basically the trifecta for attention here. I am pretty much always aware of it but only rarely do I feel uncomfortable. As you would have noticed I dress fairly conservatively so as not to draw too much MORE attention to myself. I am dying to wear some shorts in this heat but I know that would just give me the wrong kind of spotlight.


For example, if I were any where else and the weather was this hot, I would totally wear this tunic as a dress. In India however, you ALWAYS need pants!!! 


 Are all Indians vegetarian? Are you going to stay a vegetarian forever now?

Actually only about 40% of Indians are vegetarian but out of the 60% than do eat meat, they often do so on a very infrequent basis. Lots of factors influence the typical Indian diet and these range from ethical beliefs, religion, socio-economic status, weather and access to food. Northern Indians are more likely to eat meat and that is where things like Seekh Kababs and Chicken Tikka comes from but in most places around the country you will find that vegetarian food is just as tasty if not more so than non vegetarian.

I don’t know if I will continue to eat as a vegetarian if we leave India (I mean, I just said that I miss bacon) but for now I am really enjoying going meat free.

Do the kiddos speak Indian in school?

No, the kids go to an English school so everything is written and spoken in english. They are the only International students currently enrolled though so that means they are the only kids who have english as their first language. So far there hasn’t been any issues and for the most part I can communicate easily with the teachers. I just have to remember to speak slowly and not use too many slang words!!

And I think that pretty much sums up week 6 of being an expat. Hopefully both the kids get over this flu and we can start week 7 with a (healthy) bang. If you guys have any feedback on the types of posts you’d like to see more of, or any topics that I’m not currently writing about then please let me know. I LOVE hearing from you and will always try my best to create content that you want to read / see. Have a great week, y’all xxx.

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