Mom Jeans



Tee: H&M, Jeans: Zara, Shoes: Marks & Spencer, Headband: H&M,  Lollypop: Courtesy of my toddler 😉

So you’ve probably noticed that this year, our beloved skinny jean has had a rather dramatic fall in popularity. Yes, this style that has reigned supreme in all our wardrobes for the past few years is now being surpassed by other, more relaxed styles. Think The Boyfriend, and The Girlfriend and yes, The MOM.

For those of you unfamiliar with ‘Mom’ jeans, They are the high-waisted, straight legged, relaxed fit style that was popular in the 90s but had the unfortunate ability to make bums look huge, waists look puffy and legs look stumpy. Thankfully style and design has come a long way in the last couple of decades and now with some interesting styling and better cuts they are no longer jeans to be feared.

Today I’ve got 3 tips for finding the right (and most flattering) fit and then 5 styling tips for you.


  1. Make sure it fits you snuggly, but comfortably around your waist. You will want to keep the shape of your waist to create some femininity and draw attention to your silhouette.
  2. Make sure the leg is slightly tapered at the bottom and the fit is not too baggy. These are the two key differences between Boyfriend Jeans and Mom Jeans.
  3. Wash is everything. The perfect pair has to be in a great, expensive looking wash. If you are going for blue, black or charcoal make sure the colour looks true but worn in. No sandblasting or whiskering.

Style Ideas:

  1. Keep it modern with details like fringed hems, distressed patches, embroidered details or uneven cuffs. You can DIY pretty much all of these things if you can’t find the real deal.
  2. Go the whole ’90s’ hog and style with a silky cami and choker.
  3. Show off your ankles. Roll the hems once or twice if they are too long or DIY them (see point one)
  4. Wear an interesting shoe. The tapered legs and cropped ankle length means a greater chance to play up your shoe choice and add interest. A heel with a pointed toe will help to elongate your legs and dress the look up as well.
  5. A cropped tee and slides (like I am wearing above) will give you the right amount of ‘modern-retro’ vibes but will feel like a modern update, rather than a vintage throwback. Also ridiculously comfy.

These guys are from Zara and they come in a million colours. The blush pink pair nearly got me but I knew I’d get more wear out of these charcoal ones, and plus light colours and India do not mix well! I can’t wait to keep playing around with the styling of these and I can already tell that the relaxed but not baggy fit will make them my go to casual choice for jeans.

Happy Friday everyone, see you all on Sunday with week 7 of ‘Diary Of An Expat’. Can you believe I’m creeping up to TWO MONTHS?!?! xxx


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