Diary Of An Expat: Week 7


Week 7 and oomph am I tired. Thankfully everyone returned to good health this week which meant a full week of school for the kids and 4 mornings at the gym for me. Add in the blog, a few extra writing projects for other websites, general ‘mum-ing’ and broken sleep and I can tell you that I am spent. This is the first weekend that we have been here that has actually felt like a weekend and not just any other day and I am more than happy to spend it at home resting and chilling out (quite unusual for me).

Highlight: Boring as it sounds (and is), the highlight for me really was losing myself in the busy-ness of everyday life. I know not really glamorous, but to spend the week feeling like I was really living here and not getting stopped by the challenges of India was quite refreshing and comforting to feel settled.

Things I’m loving: This week there are three things:

1.Getting to the gym regularly: I couldn’t tell you the last time I went to the gym 2 times let alone 4 times in one week. Of course I feel like my body is broken and everything hurts but I also feel strong and happy at the same time.


Love the view from our rooftop gym. Almost serves as a distraction!

2. Regular time alone with hubby: Going to the gym means both kids are either at school or daycare and that my husband is with me cause he has to drive. It is so nice to have a few hours together everyday to just chat and catch up. A few mornings a week we will agree to have a speed shower or cut our respective workouts a little bit short so that we can sneak in a coffee before picking up the kids. For parents of two young kids, this is total bliss.


ahhhh coffee

3. The weather slooooooowly starting to cool down: Don’t get me wrong, I would take summer over winter anyday but it is nice to feel the weather cooling down just slightly. The mornings are so pleasant and even though the temperature probably still climbs to the mid 30’s each day, the heat is much less oppressive and the humidity is starting to ease off too.

Things I’m missing: Working and styling. Although I only just finished my course pretty much right before we left, I still had a few clients and was starting to build up my base and contact network. Here I feel completely lost as to how to start working or what I can do to flex those styling muscles. I actually have an OCI (Overseas Citizen of India) visa so I CAN work here but I don’t know enough people to build a client base. I guess the only solution is just to be patient and keep my eyes open for opportunities but if anyone back home (or anywhere else in the world) needs me, I will totally fly back for a consult, lol!!!.

What I’m looking forward to: October in India is the start of the festive season with two big holidays called Dussehra and Diwali. I’m excited to see how these events are celebrated and hopefully we can plan some activities to get involved. My understanding is that Diwali is more of a family based celebration but there will be plenty of things to do outside of the house for Dusserhra. I will of course share with you all how we celebrate and what goes on. I am excited for Diwali though because one of the traditions is to buy a new outfit, and you know I’m always down for that!

Your questions:

(From a snapchat video during the week showing a herd of cows on the road) Are there really cows on the road? What other animals do you see? Yes there are cows everywhere. They are considered a holy animal here and so they are not harmed and are basically allowed to roam free. There are also a million stray dogs and cats.  In addition to those, this week alone I’ve seen a peacock in our garden, a monkey on the powerlines above our house and a huge rat on the road. During festivals and weddings you might also see beautifully painted and decorated elephants on the road.

Are you teaching your kids Hindi? No, not actively. I was hoping that they would pick it up but they actually don’t have too much interaction with people who exclusively speak Hindi so I think if we do want them to learn, it will have to be more of a conscious choice.

Have you been to the Taj Mahal? No we haven’t. Now that we are settled in and have a mid-week routine, I think we are going to start to explore New Delhi and India a little bit more. From what I’ve been told, Delhi is actually one of the dirtiest and busiest cities in India and that if we venture out a bit we will see a much more beautiful landscape. Hopefully we can start to plan some trips soon!

How have the kids adapted? Honestly, apart from a few little bumps, they really haven’t missed a beat. They are both happy, sleeping well(ish), comfortable around other people and continuing to hit their milestones. For Hazelle I’d say food has been her biggest challenge as she is not keen on trying new things (probably more of an age thing than an ‘India’ thing though) and is definitely missing her toddler staples of ham and cheese sandwiches, pasta and fish fingers haha.

So that’s week 7 down. This week the Indian mail system managed to bring me one of my four pieces of expected mail, so let’s pray that week 8 see the remaining arrive!


Sneak peak of my bridesmaid dress that arrived in the mail this week. Too bad Hazelle claimed it 😉

I’m also excited for the beginning of a new month and the possibility of lots of new opportunities and experiences. Thanks again to all my regular readers for continuing to support me and if you are a new follower than say Hi, i’d love to get to know you :). Have a beautiful week and month ahead everyone xxx.



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