Diary Of An Expat: Week 8


Two Months! Wow I would say that time has flown but actually it feels like we have been here for much longer than 8 short weeks. Although there have been a few rocky weeks, I actually mean that I’m surprised by how settled we are for only being here for that time. The fact that we have developed a routine for ourselves, enrolled the kids in school and are functioning, for the most part, like locals is quite surprising but ultimately reassuring for the future.

I won’t lie though; I am still finding India a difficult country to adjust to. As I have mentioned before, nothing here is simple and coming from a developed country where essentially EVERYTHING is easy, it’s a big adjustment. Everything from the dirt, pollution, food, population, scams, fashion, poverty, music, atmosphere, politics, is different. It’s not necessarily bad but definitely a challenge in a lot of ways. One plus is that the kids will know how to drive by the time we leave lol…….



Only in India 😛 (Disclaimer, this only happens in our gated community when the roads are quiet and we are nearly at our house)

Highlight: This week I connected with an old friend (who used to be my boss many moons ago) who is also living in India with her husband. She lives in a different part of India and has invited us to come and visit next month. I am so excited to reconnect with her and get her perspective on living in India as well as seeing a different part of the country. I don’t know about you but having a trip on my horizon always puts me in a good mood. I definitely get itchy feet for travel so I’m happy that we have some plans.

 Things I’m loving: I’ve spoken before about having servants in the house but what I didn’t know is how much drama comes with that. Everyday there is a new issue. This person wore that person’s shoes. This one made up a lie about the other one because they don’t get along. It’s like living in a Spanish Soap opera. I will admit that it took me a little while to adjust to having that much ‘energy’ in the house but now I actually think I’ll miss the entertainment and daily giggles that everyone (including the servants) gets.

Things I’m missing: This might sound crazy but this week I’m missing going for walks. I love being able to walk somewhere instead of driving and my absolute dream is to eventually live somewhere (ahem NYC) where everything we need is within walking distance. Grocer, restaurants, cafes, coffee, hairdressers etc. Where we live now I can’t even load the kids into the pram and go for a walk around ‘the block’. I’m sure we could drive somewhere and find a place to walk but that kind of defeats the purpose don’t you think?

What I’m looking forward to: Next week is the start of the Dussehra festival and there are lots of fun things happening like melas (markets), exhibitions and Hazelle’s school is putting on a play where all the kids have to wear traditional Indian Clothes. After that the kids will be on break for a week too, so it will be nice to have them back home with me for a little while.


Some of the decorations in the mall for the start of the festive season

Your questions:

Where are those pink sneakers from?


They are from Zara and the link is in this post.

Do arranged marriages still actually happen?

Yes they do although nowadays it is more like an arranged meeting between families and then the boy and the girl are asked their consent as opposed to a ‘forced’ marriage as such.  Slowly however the culture of love marriages are starting to increase, as well as mixed race and same sex marriages. These partnerships however are often not talked about in really traditional families.

Is your husband Indian?

His dad is Indian and his mum is Persian so he is half/half

Is it cheaper to buy designer items in India?

No! I wish ;). I haven’t bought anything but from what I’ve seen on my regular ‘research’ trips to the stores, everything is pretty much the same price.

And that’s another week in the bag. Please keep your questions coming, I love being able to shed some light on any topics you are interested in. I hope you are still enjoying reading about my experience and coming on this rocky adventure with me :). Have a great week and I’ll be back this time next week with the 9th instalment. xxx

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