The Easiest Summer Staple



Dress: H&M, Tee: H&M, Shoes: Zara

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while now, or even following me on Instagram, you’ll know that comfort is one of my biggest style requirements when I get dressed in the morning. Comfortable doesn’t mean ‘sloppy’ or ‘frumpy’ or ‘daggy’, no, my other requirements are ‘stylish’ ‘on-trend’ ‘interesting’ and ‘joyful’ (as in, it brings me joy wearing it).

I’m not sure if it’s an age thing or a mum thing but I just can’t stand to wear anything fussy, or too tight or really poor quality anymore. So today I thought I’d share with you one of my very favourite (and inexpensive) staples for summer. It’s the jersey maxi dress. I absolutely love this style and whilst it won’t be breaking any innovation records anytime soon, it will be one of the hardest working pieces in your everyday wardrobe. With jersey, getting the right cut and size for your body shape is key to ensure that it doesn’t cling anywhere you’d rather not highlight, but aside from that it will wear and wash so well you won’t even blink an eye.

Most of your favourite high street stores will always stock styles like these and in a variety of colours too. I got this one from H&M but I know that chains like Cotton On, Supre and Dotti will have great options as well, not to mention the online meccas like ASOS and The Iconic.

Today I styled mine over a white tee (on trend), a velvet choker (on trend and stylish), and my pink sneakers (interesting and joyful) for a super easy everyday outfit that once I threw on, I didn’t give a second thought to all day. You could also pair your maxi with some cute leather slides, a chambray shirt layered over the top, a cropped leather jacket for night or some ankle boots and a lightweight knit underneath if it’s still chilly where you are. The options are endless and as I said before, don’t mistake comfortable with being boring. However, also don’t underestimate the power of being comfortable and stylish at the same time, I guarantee you’ll feel so good, you’ll power through your day! Or at the very least you’ll have one less thing to worry about ;).

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