What I Wore Wednesday



Dress: Good Earth, Shoes: Marks and Spencer

I have had this dress for quite a few weeks now. I bought it from a designer boutique here in India, the same time and place that I purchased this gold tunic. As soon as I put it on I absolutely loved it and knew that I had to have it but at the same time I didn’t know where or how I would wear it. Hence it has stayed, unworn, in my closet for nearly two months. The stark contrast of the black and white gives me a few ‘nun’ vibes, but then the tiny but numerous buttons also feel a little Chinese to me. The length could be formal but the lightness and ease of it make it really appropriate for casual day-time wear too. Can you see my confusion?

It wasn’t until a few nights ago when my MIL questioned why I hadn’t worn it yet, and informed me that this style isn’t considered formal at all in India, that I thought I’d bust it out today and just give it a run. Of course I styled it with my trusty Gucci-esque slides that I’m sure you are sick of seeing, but I loved the paired back feeling they gave the dress. I had a ball swanning around in it all day, it is really unlike anything I own. The almost crepe like material at the bottom is really light but provides a lot of volume and the buttons, although super annoying to do them all up, add the perfect amount of interest and detail.

The store I purchased it from has sold out of the style online and I really can’t find anything similar enough to link, so unfortunately I think today has to be a ‘for your viewing pleasure only’ post :). If you are interested in contacting the store to see if they still carry any stock, the website is HERE.

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