Diary Of An Expat: Week 15

Hi Friends! Happy Monday :). Sorry I’m a day late getting this post out, our weekend flew by in a very uninteresting whirl of errands, emails, dust allergies and teething babies! I hope you all had a much better weekend!

Highlight: Im struggling to come up with a highlight from last week. Not because it was a bad week, not at all but it was a very routine and mundane week. We had a few good nights sleep with our non sleeping baby, my husband had a great week at work and I finally feel like I’ve found my social media mojo again so I guess those three things were the highlights? haha done!


I posted this flashback pic on my instagram during the week. I can’t believe this was only taken in Feb and Xander is so small :(.

What I’m Loving: I had a big laugh at myself this week when I found myself complaining about the way one of the maids make our bed. She folds the sheet and thin blanket at the end of the bed and then covers them with the doona so that at night when I want to get into bed, I essentially have to remake it anyway. So as I was getting on my high horse and going one and on about her to my husband, I had the biggest reality check about our life here. Yes it has been challenging and no it’s not the easiest city to live in, but when you are complaining about one of the many servants that you have, and one very minor thing that you don’t like, then life can’t be that bad!! 

Making the bed is the very last thing I want to do in the mornings (let alone have the time to do), not to mention cleaning the kitchen, bathroom and kids room. I am so grateful to have the extra help and there is no greater feeling than leaving an absolutely bombsite in the morning only to return a few hours later to everything back in it’s place. Obviously this is not a reality that we can sustain back in Australia so it was nice to have a little check in with my self and to remind myself to appreciate the help while I’ve got it. Even if the bed isn’t made correctly ;). 

What I’m Missing: I don’t know if it’s just because it’s the festive season or because my husband and I haven’t been out on a date night alone in over 5 months, but this week I really missed our old social life. As I’ve mentioned before, aside from my husbands mother we don’t have any other family support here but even if we did, the kids are too unpredictable at night to be left with anyone other than us. It can be hard to stay in night after night, especially when friends back home are getting together for christmas parties and girls nights etc but thats just the way it is right now. Thankfully I have a heap of fun things on my calendar when we get back to Melbourne so the excitement for those events is getting me through!


What I was doing this time last year.


VS what I am currently doing on a Friday night lol. Bring on the Christmas parties!!

What I’m Looking Forward To: This week we are fiiiiinally going to get to the banks and exchange all of our old (now discontinued) currency for the new notes, which means we can finally start SPENDING again haha. Actually I think my husband probably delayed it this long just to slow me down lol. There is a top in Zara that I’ve had my eye on for the last week – an eternity for me, so hopefully it will still be there this week waiting for me haha.


This guy will be mine! I already have like 3 mental outfits planned around it hehe. Link is here


I think you were all questioned out this week cause I only got the two questions.

Firstly from my all time favourite reader is:

How do you pronounce Hazelle? Her name is just pronounced like Hazel. Two years on I can’t tell you why we spelt her name like this except for the fact that I think it looks pretty. I hope she doesn’t hate me for it in the future when she undoubtably has to deal with people calling her “Haz-ell-ey”  or Gazelle with a H for the rest of her life haha.

and then:

What do you think you’ll appreciate the most when you go home? Awesome question! Aside from my friends and family, obviously, I think our big, clean, amazingly stocked and hygienic supermarkets and markets will be the biggest thing I’ll appreciate. Just being able to walk into an air conditioned environment to buy  a huge variety  of healthy food is a massive luxury that I took for granted and is something that both my husband and I have missed a lot! Also being able to drive and the freedom and convenience that brings will be high on my list too.

And that’s that! Today is my second last Sunday here so there will definitely be one more recap to come and possibly one more after that depending on how organised we are for our flight out! I hope you all have a beautiful week and are starting to get into the Christmas Spirit a little bit! xxx





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