Diary Of An Expat: Week 16


So this time next week we will be on our way home to Melbourne! Isn’t that crazy? This last month has absolutely flown by and it now feels very bizarre to be heading home. Our original, albeit loose plan, was to be here for 6-12months but it is not surprising that our plans changed. We are definitely a little fam bam that likes flexibility and change (and travel).  We still haven’t locked down a solid plan for next year which has caused me a little bit of stress this week but I’ve resolved to not worry about it until after Christmas. I just really want to enjoy the first few weeks we are back in Melbourne.

Highlight: Unfortunately for a lot of this week our little man has been feeling quite under the weather thanks to a whole heap of teeth coming through. I know I often talk about how energetic (and exhausting) he is, but there is nothing worse than seeing your rowdy kids suddenly stop and become quiet and lethargic. We spent a lot of the week like this:


Day and night this was the only position that he was comfortable in. Thankfully yesterday he woke up much brighter. Still no sign of those pesky teeth but he seems to be in better spirits for now. So we took advantage of everyones good mood and we took a trip out to India Gate. We have been many times and it’s a very touristy area but there are heaps of things for the kids to do and we knew this would be our last chance to go this year. We spent the day playing and touring the monument and eating some awesome street food. I didn’t take any photos but here is a pic of India Gate for those of you who haven’t seen it before!


What I’m loving: Friday was the last day that our local grocer accepted the old currency so my MIL went and basically purchased the whole shop! It’s always fun when she does the shopping because she buys everything and then comes home and sets up a ‘market’ for me to come and take whatever we want for our kitchen upstairs. Here is a little sample of what it looks like:


What I’m looking forward to: Getting the rest of my wardrobe back!! I have quite a few parcels waiting for me at home as well as the rest of my wardrobe that I knew I wouldn’t be able to wear over here. I’m seriously scraping the bottom of the barrel in terms of making interesting outfits and combinations for you guys so just bear with me for one more week ok? haha, thanks 😉

Doing my best to re-work all my staple items.

I am also looking forward to getting my hair done at the end of next week. It is so much cheaper to get it done here so I figured I would get it done right at the last minute to see me through the rest of the year. It is also always nice to have fresh hair before a long haul flight because it makes me feel a tiny bit less dishevelled at the end of 16 hours haha.

Your questions:

We are planning on coming to India for a holiday but we only have 10 days. Do you think thats enough? Yes.You can definitely see a lot in 10 days and depending on where you are coming from (I’m assuming Australia), the jet lag shouldn’t be that bad.

You buy so many things from Zara, is it cheaper in India than Australia? No, like most big chain stores, the prices are pretty standard across the board. Often it seems like items are expensive here because 3000-4000 rupees (a pair of jeans or a dress for Zara)  is considered to be a fair amount of money. We are fortunate however that my husband earns USD,  so when converted 4000 rupees is less than $60.

Can you eat Pork? Well as you might remember, I have been eating a fully vegetarian diet for the past few months but my husband and kids still eat meat and we haven’t seen pork or any pork products anywhere. However from what I understand, some Indian Hindus do eat pork and there is nothing in their religious beliefs stating that they can’t eat it, it is more of a custom.

So that’s it! I really hope you’ve found it interesting to read about my expat experience over the past 4 months. As I said, we fly out next Sunday morning so I probably won’t have time to do another post next week, but depending on how interesting the week is, I might do a retrospective post from Melbourne. As always if there is anything you’d like to know or ask just leave me a comment or send an email and I’ll definitely give you an answer. I’m beyond excited to get back to Melbourne and start to think about what 2017 will bring. I will of course continue to bring you guys along for the ride too! For now though, its off to drag the suitcases out and start to slowly pack up our life. Again. Have a great week everyone xxx.

2 thoughts on “Diary Of An Expat: Week 16

  1. I have really enjoyed reading your ‘diary of an expat’ blog each week. So very interesting. Looking forward to seeing what you have install for you blog once home. Have a lovely Christmas xx


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