Summer In The City

Gosh I love this time of year in Melbourne. For one thing it’s almost a relief that all the hoopla of Christmas, New Years and everything in between is over but it also doesn’t quite feel 100% ‘business as usual’ just yet. People slowly drift back into work and the promise of the Australia Day long weekend  helps to dampen the post holiday blues. 

Melbourne starts to have a little bit better (aka more consistent weather) and of course the January sales are always a good thing, but believe it or not, one of my favourite things about January in Melbourne is the tennis!! I’m not a die hard sports fan by any means but there is something about the tennis that I really enjoy. It is one of those rare sports that is equally enjoyable to watch live or on TV, and I love watching the classic traditions start to give way to modern culture without losing any class. 

Fashion is a big player in this as the strict dress codes of all white and long shorts ect are now being replaced by athletic gear that mirrors some high street trends and comes in all colours of the rainbow. I think the tennis subconsciously influenced the above outfit. All items are old favourites from my wardrobe but you can easily replicate this look by simply adding a cool pair of whie sneakers to your favourite dress or skirt. 

What about you? Any fellow tennis fans out there? Xx

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