Overthinking It



Coat: Feather and Noise (same style different colour here), Knit: Feather and Noise (same style different colour here, similar style here) Jeans: Rollas (similar here), Shoes: Frankie4

Yay! A blog post! Hi friends, I know it’s been a minute (or two) since my last post and while I can give you all the excuses of work, toddlers, life etc the truth is, I think I’ve just been overthinking it.

Sure I don’t currently have the same time to devote to blogging the way I used to, but I miss it and so why not just adapt and focus on what I CAN do? The easiest and quickest thing to blog is of course an outfit post so this is what you’ve got today!

Distressed denim, an oversized knit and sneakers are always my go to ‘everyday’ items but this particular knit and these new sneakers are now the main players in rotation. The knit is called a ‘Joanna’ knit from Feather and Noise and I have it in two colours (have to stop myself from buying more) and these sneakers are the ‘Nat’ from Frankie4, hands down the comfiest sneakers going and I love the cream leather + white lace combo. I will have to do a separate post about the jacket I am wearing but let me just say, ‘coatigans’ are where it is at this winter!!

Thanks to those of you still reading, I have a few fun posts scheduled to come soon but outside of that I hope I can get better at popping back in regularly, especially with easy outfit posts!

Enjoy the rest of you week. xx

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