My 5 Step Skincare Routine


Hi Friends,

So for the last 4-6 weeks I have been trialling some new skin care products from the Aspect Skin Care product range thanks to the Claire Francoise Skin & Body clinic in Melbourne. I had heard of Aspect before this but I never knew which products to start with or what would be a great basic routine to try without having to purchase EVERYTHING.

My two main skin concerns have been enlarged / congested pores and dull, tired looking skin and I’m happy to report that I’ve seen a dramatic improvement in both these areas since using the Aspect products. Of course I still get the occasional breakouts (usually hormonal) and the bags under my eyes aren’t going anywhere (thanks toddlers) but these are things I can live with, but that also might improve as I continue to use these products.

So for anyone looking to try a new skincare line or for those interested in the exact products I am using, here they are below. For any readers that live in Melbourne, you can also book an appointment with Claire Francoise and get a FREE skin consultation to determine the exact products that would work for you.

My Products (and the order that I use them):


Extreme B 17

Extreme C 20

Exfol L 15 (use 2-3 times per week in the PM)

Phytostat 9

I hope this helps and that we are all blessed with great skin from here on out ;). xx


Two Ways With A Statement Bag



Jacket: French Connection (similar here), Tank: Seed Heritage (similar here), Jeans: Witchery, Shoes: Witchery



Jacket: Calvin Klein (similar here), Dress: Blossom and Glow, Boots: Tony Bianco (similar here)

Last week I was lucky enough have a beautiful handbag sent to me for an event from Style On Loan. If you are unfamiliar with the process of renting a designer handbag then check out this post I did earlier in the year. The bag I am wearing above is the Chloe ‘Faye’ Bag in the most stunning pink leather and suede.

The first few pictures are from the event I went to with Boutique Street. It was a night time event but not too formal. I knew that I wanted the bag to do the talking and being a typical Melbourne girl, all black is like a uniform for me anyway. Often when I wear all black I mix fabrics and textures to elevate the look a little bit so I went for a silky camisole, wet look black jeans, suede sandals and my leather jacket. As you can see the pink handbag definitely pops against the black background.

Seeing as this beauty was still mine over the weekend, I had to take her out for one more spin. On Sunday my husband and I went on a cheeky little date to lunch and the movies. I didn’t mean to wear a black outfit again, but as I said before – Melbourne girl ;). I wore a casual black shirt dress with some tights and ankle boots and threw an oversized denim jacket over the top. I love how the blue denim and pink look together and how the bag still allows the outfit to be casual but just a bit more sophisticated.

A statement bag doesn’t need to be a designer brand and it also doesn’t have to be reserved for special occasions. Just pair back your outfit a little (no excessive jewellery or fussiness) and let your bag speak as loudly or as quietly as you’d like.

Thanks again to Sunny from Style on Loan for going to such a big effort to get the bag to me in time for the event. If you are ever considering loaning a designer bag, please check out Style on Loan! xx

Beauty Basics: Travel Edition


As you know, last month I shared my “Beauty Basics” routine with you in THIS post. I outlined all my favourite skincare and make up products with you but today I have my ‘travelling addition’. Whilst the basics are still the same, I definitely added in a few products to help my skin adjust during this holiday.

The most common challenges that travelling produces for my skin are congestion, dehydration and damage from the sun or wind. The travel itself, especially to the US, can also be problematic due to the sheer distance we have to travel as well as the very strict rules and regulations regarding the amount and size of products you can carry with you.

The products below helped me combat all of these complaints and have the most amazing trip in my favourite city in the world. So lets get into it. Below are my ‘Beauty Basics-Travel Edition’. (Note that my basic make up routine has pretty much stayed the same)



In my last post I mentioned that I had been using the Triology Rosapene Night Cream and really enjoying it. Well, I am so happy to report that I have broadened my Triology repertoire  and have not been disappointed. When I was sent this Triology Starter Pack from my friends at Stark Matthews PR, I knew it would be perfect for our trip. The 30ml, 20ml and 10ml size tubes are the perfect travel size. They are small enough to comply with the regulations about carrying liquids, don’t take up any room in my carry on, and were also substantial enough to last the two and a half weeks that we were away for.

I have been using Go-To Skincare products for over two years now and I was a little bit worried as to how my skin would react to the change but I didn’t notice anything except for maybe an increased glow thanks to the Rosehip Oil (my new fave product).



I struggle with blackheads and breakouts as it is but add in long haul travel (in make-up), lots and lots of sunscreen daily, hot sun and dry winds thanks to the NYC heatwave and my skin was CON-GES-TED!

This charcoal mask from Origins is amazing. While Sheet Masks are popular at the moment, these liquid mask treatments offer so much more bang for your buck, you will get 4-6months worth of masks out of it. What I love about this product is that it 100% does what it says. It clears blackheads, minimises pores and tightens your skin. I use this once a week (twice max) and have really noticed an improvement in my skin.



Now Blister doesn’t really need any introduction but to be honest I always thought it was only  for people who suffered from coldsores. I am not one of those people so have never really had the need for Blistex but man, after nearly 27 hours of travel, my lips needed a little something more than my Dior lipstick ;). Packed full of moisturising ingredients, vitamins and SPF15, this little gold tube hasn’t left my side for the whole trip. On the days that I want a little bit of extra colour I pair it with this lipstick crayon from MILK, which is the best matte nude colour I’ve seen.

So there you have it, my little lifesavers over the last 2 weeks and as I leave the heatwave and head back home to Melbourne, to the freezing cold, I dare say that these products will be just as handy in the different climate but for all the same reasons! xx

Style On Loan

{Please note that as I am currently away overseas and not always able to access good Wi-Fi, until I return only current items of clothing will be linked. When I return I will go back to posting alternative items as well. Thank you for your understanding}



Dress: Wayne Cooper, Shoes: ASOS, Bag: Style On Loan

Hello everyone!

If you read my last post you would know that I am currently overseas on a part business part pleasure holiday with my family. But before too much time passes I am just going to play a little catch up on the blog and make sure we are fully up to date before I start spamming you with my new surrounds and new purchases!

Ok, so have you heard about handbag rental? Basically this service allows you to have the latest handbag on your arm without having to shell out the big bucks. Although I was vaguely familiar with this concept, it wasn’t until I saw a few fashionable (and often high profiled) ladies posting pics on Instagram and tagging their bags back to different hire companies that I began to take notice. I think there is a misconception that renting a bag means you ‘cant afford’ to buy one but really what I think this service is about is allowing you to stay on top of trends and giving you access to all the hottest handbags without having to purchase multiple bags that you might not have a lot of use for day to day.

As a mum, I don’t have a lot of occasions to wear small clutch bags and even though a Chanel Boy bag and a Chloe Drew might be on my wish list, if I am going to invest in a handbag, especially a designer one, it makes more sense to put my dollars into a big bag right now.

So when my cousins wedding popped up on the calendar a few weeks ago, I decided to give it ago. I went with a company called Style On Loan who I found on Instagram. They have an amazing range of bags, a very fast response time and a flat rate for all bags that is one of the most competitive that I’ve seen. It couldn’t be simpler to choose your bag, reserve the date and they select your hire period. The wedding was on Saturday so I chose a 4 day hire which meant the bag was delivered to my door on Thursday and then I just had to pop it in the reply paid envelope included and send it back on Monday.

As you can see in the pictures above I chose the baby pink YSL mono bag and absolutely loved it. If you have a special occasion coming up or you’d like to road test a bag you’ve been lusting over, I highly recommend you give Style on Loan a try. Thanks again for the great service J xx

Weekend: What I Wore


Just two girls on a mission to get pizza!


You know those days when everyone has gone a bit stir crazy and / or you just can’t be bothered cooking? Well, that was us (mainly me) on Friday night so at around 5pm we all got changed and headed out to our local Woodfire Pizzeria for an early dinner. We don’t often go out for dinner with the kids because usually the logistics of it all outweighs the potential fun but we had a ball! I bought this dress in the post Christmas sales but thanks to Melbourne’s unpredictable weather it has sat in my wardrobe unworn, until now! The drop-waist style was really easy to wear and perfect for a casual but warm night out!



Dress: Piper (Similar Here and Here), Shoes: Wittner (Similar Here), Bag: Louis Vuitton


Saturday was an exciting day as I had my first Personal Styling client for 2016. We went to Chadstone Shopping Centre and spent a few hours there finding the perfect outfit for an upcoming wedding. It was so much fun but I had to make sure I stayed focused on her as there are so many great things in store at the moment, I could have very easily done some damage! I kept things simple with my outfit and actually wore one of my favourite Bonds dresses as a top.



Dress (Worn as Top): Bonds, Skirt: Target, Shoes: Country Road (Similar Here), Bag: Louis Vuitton, Necklace: Lovisa (Similar Here)


We had big plans for our day but like most Sundays we got lost in a sea of grocery shopping, a mountain of laundry and some much needed naps. I did manage to get dressed in the afternoon to go and visit a friend and her new baby. My boots were probably a bit too warm for such a hot afternoon but I wanted to wear them anyway. Please excuse the frizzy hair!!



Dress: Polo by Ralph Lauren (Similar Here), Shoes: Rubi Shoes, Sunglasses: Rubi Shoes

Have a great week everyone! x