White Dresses for Summer



Dress: Polo by Ralph Lauren (similar here), Slides: Rubi Shoes

Is there anything better than an EASY white dress for summer? I’m not talking about a white hot, figure hugging evening type dress (although they are amazing too), I’m just talking about a throw on, throw over, throw in the wash and go, type of dress. Of course fake tan, small children, spaghetti and make up are all hazards when wearing white so the idea is to be smart when choosing a white dress and think about fabric as well as the fit. Cotton is a great option but of course so is Napisan :).

Today I am going to show you a few great options for a white summer dress but I’m going to also be outlining which styles will best suit certain body shapes to further help you in your shopping. This is part of the next phase for my blog, and I am so excited to share more details  with you over the next few weeks.

Before we get started, just a note on body shapes – what I share with you should be not be taken as blanket rules. Many other factors contribute to what styles will flatter your figure and which style you personally prefer.Today I am just giving some general guidelines based on basic body composition and the tools that we use as Personal Stylists. The terms  I will be using to describe body shapes are: Hourglass, Rectangle, Triangle and Inverted Triangle. Here are some simple definitions:

Hourglass: Waist is defined and noticeably smaller than hips and shoulders. Width of hips and shoulders are relatively equal.

Rectangle: Often referred to as a ‘column’: Shoulders, waist and hips are all similar in size and width.

Triangle: Often known as a ‘Pear’: Shoulders are wider than hips.

Inverted Triangle: Hips are wider than shoulders.


This “Dobby Resort Dress” would work on most body shapes. The ‘Cold Shoulder’ trend is a great way to achieve an Off The Shoulder type style, but it is a little bit more practical to wear and lends itself to more body shapes. Due to the thicker straps and longer sleeve length, both triangles and (slightly) inverted triangles can wear this style as well as rectangles. If you have a voluptuous hourglass figure than you might find that adding a belt around your waist will look better and give you a little bit more shape.


Country Road $59.96 (on sale)

I know that this dress isn’t technically white as it has a light beige stripe running through it but it is just such a great shape for rectangles, inverted triangles and hourglass figures so I had to include it. The lightweight, draped fabric still gives it that easy breezy summer feeling and how could you go wrong with that price? With the right accessories this dress could take you to the office as well as the beach so in my mind it’s a winner!


Living Doll $89.95

This Living Doll “Maldives Midi Dress” is perfect to give some femininity and shape to those with rectangle figures. It would also work well for a triangle and an hourglass within the size range of 8 to a 12/14ish. The midi length is also very flattering for many figures but especially a triangle.

This fun and flirty ‘Evie Dress’ is a great shape for Inverted Triangles. It will balance out your shoulder line with the wide, scooped neckline and slightly a-lined mini hemline. The drop waist on this dress would also work for a rectangle as would the frilly details.

So there you have it, four great white dresses, all under $150 and something for all body shapes. If you have any specific questions about how to determine your body shape, don’t hesitate to get in touch or if you have any other item you’d like me to focus on in a similar post, I would love to hear it!

Have a great week ahead xx

Affordable Fashion & Great Jumpsuits For Summer



Jumpsuit: My Boutique (similar here {I have this style in the blue, you can see it here}), Jacket: Calvin Klein (similar here), Shoes: Steve Madden, Clutch: Bebe (similar here)

One year on and my love for jumpsuits continues again this summer! I am equal opportunity when it comes to styles. Short sleeved or long, mini or full length, off the shoulder or any where in between. This jumpsuit I’m wearing actually IS from last year, but below I’ve linked some great options that are available now.

This year I am going to be focusing on affordable fashion that is accessible for everyone. It can be really easy to get swept up in the designer world and feel that unless you have the latest Gucci item you are not ‘on-trend’ but that is just not true. Fashion is really, really fast these days with new trends and ‘must have’ items coming out every month rather than every season. I have always said that if you want to splurge and buy a designer or expensive item then it should be a classic, investment piece. Jumpsuits, strappy sandals, denim shorts, torn jeans etc etc are the items you can save on, but they will be the items that make up your day to day wardrobe so that’s what you will see here at The Mummy Style Files.

But what is AFFORDABLE? Obviously price points are a subjective thing but for me I’ve determined that it will be $150 and under. I’ve based that on what (and where) I know you can get within that price range and it also means that you won’t have to skimp on quality or exceed that for a special occasion piece. Occasionally I will also showcase a FULL OUTFIT  for $150 total. Yes, that will include shoes and accessories. So I hope you are excited to see what I will be doing this year here and that you enjoy the affordable focus :).

So lets get into the jumpsuits! Here are my favourites below.


Miss Selfridge via The Iconic $99.95

I love the V neck and wide legs on this one. A V neckline is really great at opening up the chest area and is really flattering for those with a larger bust or broad shoulders.


Leigh Jumpsuit via Billy J Boutique $64

Blush pink is a huge trend for Summer again and this jumpsuit is so light and flowy it almost looks like a dress.


Mink Pink ‘Wategos’ jumpsuit via The Iconic $99.95

Off the Shoulder and print makes this a great casual jumpsuit option. Perfect for weekends or low key get togethers.


Boho Bird ‘Jump Around Jumpsuit’ via Birdsnest $109.95

Another one for my print loving gals. This style features a more tapered leg line which looks great with statement heels and elongates the legs.

Have a look here for some more options here, here and here.

I hope you are all having a great weekend, leave me a comment if you have any feedback or suggestions for me :).


Summer In The City

Gosh I love this time of year in Melbourne. For one thing it’s almost a relief that all the hoopla of Christmas, New Years and everything in between is over but it also doesn’t quite feel 100% ‘business as usual’ just yet. People slowly drift back into work and the promise of the Australia Day long weekend  helps to dampen the post holiday blues. 

Melbourne starts to have a little bit better (aka more consistent weather) and of course the January sales are always a good thing, but believe it or not, one of my favourite things about January in Melbourne is the tennis!! I’m not a die hard sports fan by any means but there is something about the tennis that I really enjoy. It is one of those rare sports that is equally enjoyable to watch live or on TV, and I love watching the classic traditions start to give way to modern culture without losing any class. 

Fashion is a big player in this as the strict dress codes of all white and long shorts ect are now being replaced by athletic gear that mirrors some high street trends and comes in all colours of the rainbow. I think the tennis subconsciously influenced the above outfit. All items are old favourites from my wardrobe but you can easily replicate this look by simply adding a cool pair of whie sneakers to your favourite dress or skirt. 

What about you? Any fellow tennis fans out there? Xx

My Best Friends Wedding

Hi Friends!! Happy New Year 🙂

Before we get too far into the year I wanted to quickly upload all the photos from my best friend, Steph’s, wedding. I was honoured to be a Bridesmaid and it was so much fun. Steph lives in London, her sister Justine lives in Belgium and as you know, last year I was in India so reuniting in Melbourne with the other bridesmaid Nikita was for sure the highlight of my year.

Below is a little photo recap from the Hens Party, getting ready and then the wedding. Suppliers and details will be at the bottom! Enjoy xx


Hens night 

My Outfit: Top: Seed Heritage (similar here), Skirt: Kenzo x H&M (similar here and here), Slides: Rubi Shoes

Dinner: Fonda

Drinks: Madame Brussels

Hotel: We (Steph and the 2 other bridesmaids) stayed overnight in the city so we could get ready together and stay up after the night out. It was so fun. We stayed at The Brady Hotel


Bridesmaids Dress: ASOS (similar here)

My Handbag: Ruby’s Luxury Collection

Hair: Miss Gertrude

Make Up: Danielle Gardiner

Flowers: Babylon Flowers

Where we got ready: The Blackman Hotel

Venue: Gardens House

New Years Eve



Dress / Tunic: Good Earth India (similar here and here), Shoes: ASOS (similar here), Handbag: Chanel via Ruby’s Luxury Collection 

Hi Friends! 

I’m sorry I am so behind in my blogging, the past two weeks have been an absolute blur of jetlag, hens nights, wedding prep and bridesmaids duties, my husbands birthday, the wedding and then Christmas. There is so much I want to share with you and I promise to play catch up over the next week or so, but today I want to look ahead to NYE. 

I don’t know about you but I think most people are either ‘New Years’ people or they aren’t. I was definitely the former until 4 years ago when we got married on the 30th of December and ever since then our anniversary has eclipsed NYE. Each year however my husband and I spent the night in our favourite hotel in Melbourne CBD so I still get to bust out my NYE outfit just 24 hours early :). 

So here are my tips for NYE:

  • If you are into sparkles and sequins; barring a trip to Las Vegas, you will not find a better occasion to indulge in some wearable bling so, go for it.
  • If you aren’t going to go for the full sequinned dress make sure you go big with another type of accessory. Ive gone for big statement earrings in the outfit above but you could also do a chunky necklace or a cocktail ring.
  • Melbourne is notoriously iffy weather wise so be prepared for anything. This mini dress can also be worn as a tunic over skinny jeans. Have a look at this post where I styled it with simple white jeans.
  • Stilettos are really fun and glamorous but if you are doing the city fireworks or a long day- to- night function you might want to opt for flats or at least a lower, block heeled option.
  • NYE is a really great night to play with your makeup. False eyelashes or a bold lip can be fun ways to mix things up. A great idea is to pop into a makeup shop like Mecca, MAC or Sephora and chat to one of the professionals about easy ways to change up your look for a special occasion.
  • And finally, if you want to add a designer touch to your outfit, hiring a special bag for the weekend is a really simple and affordable way to go. I was lucky enough to win a free 4 day hire from Ruby’s Luxury Collection last week and its been the perfect week for me to play with a new handbag without the big investment.

The most important thing though is to make sure you are with people you love, the people who care about you and to ring in the New Year with as much happiness and laughter as you can. It seems that for most people I know, 2016 has been a universally challenging year, so I wish everyone an amazing 2017. Thank you again for all of your support of The Mummy Style Files. It’s been an amazing and adventurous year and I can’t wait to share 2017 with you. Make sure you tag me in your NYE outfits, I’d love to see what you’re wearing and what you get up to.

Happy New Year everyone, much love xxx

5 Summer Essentials In 2 Outfits

Hello from Down Under!

If you follow my Instagram you would have seen that we made it home to Melbourne yesterday morning, safe and sound! It is so great to be back in town although it feels a bit weird to be on ‘holiday’ in your home state.

It has been so nice and warm and I’ve been enjoying dressing for the season with no cultural restrictions on my wardrobe. Just a heads up, I will probably be wearing shorts or short dresses for the majority of the time we are here; I missed it so much!

I love dressing in summer, it always feels more casual and effortless. Summer is a time when you can experiment with your look a little bit more and try things like prints, colour and proportions with no pressure to ‘get it right’. Having said that though, every year there are a few must have items.

Below I’ve highlighted my 5 picks and styled them in two outfits. My 5 essentials are:

  1. A Boater hat
  2. A striped dress
  3. Slides
  4. A wrap dress
  5. Fun Sunglasses i.e. reflective or coloured.

Outfit 1

Boater hats are huge this year, particularly tan straw styles with a black ribbon. This one is just from Cotton On but stores like Lack of Color do really great quality options too. Paired with a striped swing dress and slides, this outfit is basically my summer uniform. Easy to wear, on trend and comfortable. See below for links.



Hat: Cotton On (similar here), Dress: Cotton On, Slides: Rubi Shoes

Outfit 2

You really can’t go wrong with a wrap dress and this bright purple one from My Boutique literally screams summer. The detailed neck line and slight open back makes the dress a little more sophisticated. I paired it with slides (again) and a fun pair of reflective sunnies to add a youthful, on-trend touch.



Dress: My Boutique, Slides: Rubi Shoes (similar here), Sunglasses: Cotton On

So as you can see it doesn’t take much to hit the summer must have list and you can easily mix and match all the items together to create a fun and easy capsule wardrobe for summer.

See you soon with some more short shorts and summer looks ;).

Festive OOTD



Jumper: H&M (similar here and here), Jeans: Country Road, Shoes: H&M (similar here and here, Earrings: A market find (similar here)

Hi Friends!

Sorry the blog has been a little quiet this week, we are busy getting ready for our trip back to Melbourne and planning our next steps for 2017. I promise to catch you all up once we are back on home ground next week.

Today however I thought I’d just pop in with a little Outfit Of The Day post (OOTD). I felt quite festive in this combo despite the lack of obvious ‘christmassy’ attire. Gold is a great option for the holiday period as are big statement jewellery pieces. These two things can take an ordinary outfit, like my jeans and jumper, and give it a little more life (and put a pep in your step).

Hope everyone is enjoying the lead up to Christmas and not feeling too frazzled! xx