My 5 Step Skincare Routine


Hi Friends,

So for the last 4-6 weeks I have been trialling some new skin care products from the Aspect Skin Care product range thanks to the Claire Francoise Skin & Body clinic in Melbourne. I had heard of Aspect before this but I never knew which products to start with or what would be a great basic routine to try without having to purchase EVERYTHING.

My two main skin concerns have been enlarged / congested pores and dull, tired looking skin and I’m happy to report that I’ve seen a dramatic improvement in both these areas since using the Aspect products. Of course I still get the occasional breakouts (usually hormonal) and the bags under my eyes aren’t going anywhere (thanks toddlers) but these are things I can live with, but that also might improve as I continue to use these products.

So for anyone looking to try a new skincare line or for those interested in the exact products I am using, here they are below. For any readers that live in Melbourne, you can also book an appointment with Claire Francoise and get a FREE skin consultation to determine the exact products that would work for you.

My Products (and the order that I use them):


Extreme B 17

Extreme C 20

Exfol L 15 (use 2-3 times per week in the PM)

Phytostat 9

I hope this helps and that we are all blessed with great skin from here on out ;). xx


OMNILUX with Claire Francoise


Pre Treatment


During treatment


Post treatment ūüôā

Is it just me or has ‘skincare’ suddenly become a huge topic of discussion? Gone are the days of a basic, cleanse, tone and moisturise routine with a sporadic facial thrown in, if you’re lucky. Now its double cleansing, multiple oils, sunscreen, laser, microdermabrasion, fillers, night creams and day creams. It seems that women these days are far more educated about what treatments are available and that the health and vitality of our skin is the priority as opposed to buying a whole heap of make up to cover up ‘imperfections’.

I know that this is certainly the case for me. As I start to approach my 30’s I’m beginning ¬†to notice that the products that got me through my 20s are no longer cutting it and certain lifestyle factors (too much coffee, lack of sleep, dehydration etc) come into play a lot more. So recently when Claire from Claire Francoise Skin and Beauty contacted me asking if I would like to come in and try an LED Light Therapy¬†treatment using Omnilux I didn’t hesitate to say yes!

Here is a little bit about the treatment, taken from the Claire Francoise website:

Omnilux revive stimulates cellular activity. As cellular activity increases cells become more permeable and responsive to exogenous factors. Blood flow increases, it gives anti-inflammatory properties as well as to help treat hormonal acne, acne scarring and leads to greater tissue oxygenation and detoxification. Skin appears clearer with less fine lines, plumped up and hydrated.

Omnilux Plus (near infra-red light) has longer wavelengths than the Omnilux revive. It has been designed to help heal the skin. It is perfect for skin scarring including acne, damaged skin and after cosmetic surgery. After a treatment using the omnilux plus your skin will feel fuller and appear tighter in appearance.

Advantages of Omnilux LED Light Therapy

  • Stimulates the bodies own cellular mechanisms by photomodulation
  • Not a laser or an IPL so no heat, no side effects or downtime.
  • Non-invasive, safe and completely pain-free.
  • No damage to sub-dermal tissue
  • Relaxing and calming experience
  • Allows treatment of large areas such as the face and chest

So, my verdict? 10/10. The three big pro’s for me were:

  1. Zero downtime and walking out of the clinic with absolutely glowing skin (as opposed to redness after microdermabrasion for example),
  2. The treatment itself was SUUUUPER relaxing. As you can see in the picture above, the light itself is VERY bright but it is not at all hot and after a few minutes your eyes adjust to the brightness (behind your goggles of course) and a relaxing sensation washes over you. I dare you not to doze off ;),
  3. It can be a one off treatment as a little pep me up or you can book in for a series of treatments to target more specific issues like acne scarring.

The only con for me was that I did have quite a significant breakout two days after the treatment. This however is common with most facial treatments (it’s called a ‘purge’) and it could have more to do with the light peel we did before the Omnilux and the fact that my skin is quite congested anyway. After the breakouts cleared however, my skin felt really radiant and youthful.

Final thoughts? I would really recommend this treatment to everyone, especially given how non-evasive it is. I’d love to have a series of treatments as I think the results would just get better and better with consistency, however I also think it’s a great ‘special event’ option for those times that you need your skin to glow! In addition to the treatment, the clinic itself is beautiful and welcoming, Claire is an absolute expert in her field and if you are a Melbourne girl I would strongly advise you to get yourself into Claire Francoise for all your skincare needs! Thanks again Claire, can’t wait to come in again soon. x

Catching Up


Hello! I’m playing a little bit of catch up today with this outfit that I wore last week. I absolutely love these wide legged palazzo pants. The legs are so full, it almost looks like I’m wearing a maxi skirt in some pictures. I paired the pants with a simple black cami (similar here) that I’ve had for ever and always comes to the rescue when I don’t know what to wear. A shorter, cropped tank would also look good but I liked the relaxed, almost pajama like vibes with the loose singlet worn on top.

I picked up the trousers from a market here in India so I have no brand to share with you but I have linked some similar ones here, here and here.

Happy Monday Friends x

What I Wore Wednesday



Tee: Zara, Jeans: Paige Denim, Shoes: Marks and Spencer, Bag: Zara

Happy hump day friends! Firstly I just want to thank you all for the lovely and supportive comments you sent me after last weeks rocky expat post! I am happy to report that week 10 is already shaping up to be a good one :). So lets get to today’s post! Is there anything better than a classic pair of jeans and a crisp white t-shirt? I know that it is very Jennifer Aniston, circa early 2000 but really, you just can’t go wrong.

I am so happy that the weather is slowly starting to cool down here because I am a denim girl through and through. Although I am on the ‘minimalist’ side when it comes to my staple wardrobe, I do love a pop of colour in accessories and this red cross-body bag was the perfect exclamation mark for my outfit. To be honest, I really wanted to add a burgundy / red felt fedora to this outfit but there is absolutely no place for a felt hat here in India, no matter how good you look in hats lol!

I know that some people are a bit funny about ‘mixing metals’ but it doesn’t bother me at all. My necklace is silver and the chain of my bag is gold. I usually wear a gold bangle everyday as well as my platinum engagement and wedding rings so I am definitely ok with a mixed bag of jewellery :). However, I will admit that often sticking to one metal either silver or gold, will create a more cohesive look over all!

I’m sure my fellow mum’s out there will agree that jeans and a tee are a major staple in the ‘mum on duty’ wardrobe, but next time you pop on your go-to pieces why don’t you try to add a little bit of interest somewhere too? Things like a bright bag like mine, a metallic sneaker, bright lipstick or a statement necklace will help take your jeans and tee to the next level and I guarantee that it will add a little extra pep in your step too!

Enjoy the rest of your week everyone. See you on Friday x

What I Wore Wednesday



Dress: Fabindia (sold out online, similar fabric¬†here and similar colour¬†here), Shoes: Marks and Spencer. ps YES my son is wearing crocs. I still maintain that they are not an attractive shoe, but omg are they comfortable (I’m assuming) and practical for little kids. I’m just sad Fashion Blogger 2.0 in the background wouldn’t have a bar of them, cause they are amazing.¬†

Hi Friends! As you can see the kids well and truly crashed my photos for todays post but that’s mum life for you isn’t it? I bought this dress over the weekend thinking that it would be perfect for a Kitchen Tea I’m attending in December (with different shoes of course), but me ‘saving clothes’ is like that experiment where children are tested for self control. You know the one? The kids are set in front of a bowl of lollies and told not to eat any but then the parents walk back in the room 5 minutes later and most of the kids have sugar all over their lips and an empty bowl in front of them. Me wearing this dress only three days after I purchased it for December, is the equivalent to having sugar on my lips, lol!

But, how could I not? It’s 100% pure cotton and feels super soft thanks to the natural die used to make it this cornflower blue. It is ridiculously easy to wear with the right amount of classic class and a little bit of interest with the twisted knot in the back. Its from a store here called¬†Fabindia that sells clothing, food goods, natural beauty products and manchester. It really is fab! Whilst there are quite a few traditional Indian outfits sold, I can always find something that is the perfect balance of ‘modern ethnicity’ for me. By that I mean, something that I could wear anywhere in the world and not feel out of place but also not feel generic or boring. They have a great selection of jewellery that you could add to a simple outfit and immediately lift it, or like my dress, ¬†which doesn’t look particularly ethnic but has the highest quality of cotton thanks to the Indian suppliers. Everything is great quality and interesting.

Anyways, of course I paired it with my slides, because I love them and they are so easy but I would love a pair of tan leather slides, or ¬†strappy metallic heels to go with it too. You could also do a statement necklace but I just opted for my usual delicate gold jewellery because we weren’t doing anything too special and Xander is a nightmare with pulling and tugging at all my jewellery lately.

Sorry that I was late with this post this week and that I’ve been quite on social media, I’ll explain it all in my weekly recap on Sunday but for now I’m just happy to be back up and running, talking to you fine people and enjoying my babes being on ‘school holidays’. I’ll see you all on Friday xxx.

What I Wore Wednesday



Top: Good Earth (similar here and here), Jeans: Country Road, Shoes: Witchery (similar here and here)

Yes! We did it! I’m finally here on Wednesday haha. Between us though, I will confess that I wore and photographed this outfit on Tuesday for this post to go live today. You gotta do what you gotta do though, right? #lifeofablogger ūüėČ

So over the weekend I purchased this gorgeous jewel toned silk tunic. Perhaps if I wasn’t in India I might be able to wear it as a dress, but over here it is definitely a ‘tunic’! I don’t think I’ve ever owned anything that is 100% silk before now, the fabric is divine and I felt so luxurious floating around in it all morning. Of course it is not the most practical of fabrics with every mark, crease and crinkle showing up, so for me this is definitely a baby / child free piece. Not to mention pairing it with white jeans – that’s a disaster waiting ¬†to happen! I’d say this is ‘an adults only’ ensemble, perfect for a date night, GNO or function!

I am hoping that hubby and I will be able to sneak a few baby free hours this weekend and if so, this will be my go to outfit. I love that Block Heels are on trend at the moment, they are the perfect ‘mum heels’. Super comfortable but chic at the same time, so just in case you CANT score some baby free hours, you can still don your heels and not worry about it. ¬†Hope you have all had a great Hump Day and are ready for the downhill run to the weekend! xx

Beauty Basics: Travel Edition


As you know, last month I shared my “Beauty Basics” routine with you in THIS post. I outlined all my favourite skincare and make up products with you but today I have my ‘travelling addition’. Whilst the basics are still the same, I definitely added in a few products to help my skin adjust during this holiday.

The most common challenges that travelling produces for my skin are congestion, dehydration and damage from the sun or wind. The travel itself, especially to the US, can also be problematic due to the sheer distance we have to travel as well as the very strict rules and regulations regarding the amount and size of products you can carry with you.

The products below helped me combat all of these complaints and have the most amazing trip in my favourite city in the world. So lets get into it. Below are my ‘Beauty Basics-Travel Edition’. (Note that my basic make up routine has pretty much stayed the same)



In my last post I mentioned that I had been using the Triology Rosapene Night Cream¬†and really enjoying it. Well, I am so happy to report that I have broadened my Triology repertoire ¬†and have not been disappointed. When I was sent this Triology Starter Pack from my friends at Stark Matthews PR, I knew it would be perfect for our trip. The 30ml, 20ml and 10ml size tubes are the perfect travel size. They are small enough to comply with the regulations about carrying liquids, don’t take up any room in my carry on, and were also substantial enough to last the two and a half weeks that we were away for.

I have been using Go-To Skincare products for over two years now and I was a little bit worried as to how my skin would react to the change but I didn’t¬†notice anything except for maybe an increased glow thanks to the Rosehip Oil (my new fave product).



I struggle with blackheads and breakouts as it is but add in long haul travel (in make-up), lots and lots of sunscreen daily, hot sun and dry winds thanks to the NYC heatwave and my skin was CON-GES-TED!

This charcoal mask from Origins is amazing. While Sheet Masks are popular at the moment, these liquid mask treatments offer so much more bang for your buck, you will get 4-6months worth of masks out of it. What I love about this product is that it 100% does what it says. It clears blackheads, minimises pores and tightens your skin. I use this once a week (twice max) and have really noticed an improvement in my skin.



Now Blister doesn’t really need any introduction but to be honest I always thought it was only ¬†for people who suffered from coldsores. I am not one of those people so have never really had the need for Blistex but man, after nearly 27 hours of travel, my lips needed a little something more than my Dior lipstick ;). Packed full of moisturising ingredients, vitamins and SPF15, this little gold tube hasn’t left my side for the whole trip. On the days that I want a little bit of extra colour I pair it with this lipstick crayon from MILK, which is the best matte nude colour I’ve seen.

So there you have it, my little lifesavers over the last 2 weeks and as I leave the heatwave and head back home to Melbourne, to the freezing cold, I dare say that these products will be just as handy in the different climate but for all the same reasons! xx