How To Take Your Midi Skirt Into Winter



Jumper: Cotton On (last season, similar here), Skirt: Temt (In store only, similar here), Boots: Rubi Shoes, Bag: X Nihilo

How many of you dread the beginning of winter because it means you have to pack away all your favourite skirts and dresses? There is no doubt that the pleated midi skirt has been a huge staple for many of us over summer and spring and today I thought I’d show you how to eek a little bit more wear out of it, even as the weather starts to cool down.

As you can see above I have paired my skirt with a slightly baggy jumper and some ankle booties for some added warmth. A common issue with this combination however is that most of us tend to lose a bit of ‘shape’ under all the layers, and you can see that has happened to me. My solution to this problem was to wear different shades of the same colour for my whole outfit. By keeping the look tonal it helps to create a lean, streamlined silhouette.

If you wanted to mix and match your pieces a little bit more you could add a belt to define your waist or wear a cropped jumper that finishes at the waistband of your skirt. The metallics trend is definitely carrying through to the cooler months so I’ve added a touch of fun and sparkle with these silver sock booties from Rubi Shoes.

What do you think about this look? Who else will be modifying their favourite summer pieces to work for them in the cooler months? xx

5 Summer Essentials In 2 Outfits

Hello from Down Under!

If you follow my Instagram you would have seen that we made it home to Melbourne yesterday morning, safe and sound! It is so great to be back in town although it feels a bit weird to be on ‘holiday’ in your home state.

It has been so nice and warm and I’ve been enjoying dressing for the season with no cultural restrictions on my wardrobe. Just a heads up, I will probably be wearing shorts or short dresses for the majority of the time we are here; I missed it so much!

I love dressing in summer, it always feels more casual and effortless. Summer is a time when you can experiment with your look a little bit more and try things like prints, colour and proportions with no pressure to ‘get it right’. Having said that though, every year there are a few must have items.

Below I’ve highlighted my 5 picks and styled them in two outfits. My 5 essentials are:

  1. A Boater hat
  2. A striped dress
  3. Slides
  4. A wrap dress
  5. Fun Sunglasses i.e. reflective or coloured.

Outfit 1

Boater hats are huge this year, particularly tan straw styles with a black ribbon. This one is just from Cotton On but stores like Lack of Color do really great quality options too. Paired with a striped swing dress and slides, this outfit is basically my summer uniform. Easy to wear, on trend and comfortable. See below for links.



Hat: Cotton On (similar here), Dress: Cotton On, Slides: Rubi Shoes

Outfit 2

You really can’t go wrong with a wrap dress and this bright purple one from My Boutique literally screams summer. The detailed neck line and slight open back makes the dress a little more sophisticated. I paired it with slides (again) and a fun pair of reflective sunnies to add a youthful, on-trend touch.



Dress: My Boutique, Slides: Rubi Shoes (similar here), Sunglasses: Cotton On

So as you can see it doesn’t take much to hit the summer must have list and you can easily mix and match all the items together to create a fun and easy capsule wardrobe for summer.

See you soon with some more short shorts and summer looks ;).

Diary Of An Expat: Week 16


So this time next week we will be on our way home to Melbourne! Isn’t that crazy? This last month has absolutely flown by and it now feels very bizarre to be heading home. Our original, albeit loose plan, was to be here for 6-12months but it is not surprising that our plans changed. We are definitely a little fam bam that likes flexibility and change (and travel).  We still haven’t locked down a solid plan for next year which has caused me a little bit of stress this week but I’ve resolved to not worry about it until after Christmas. I just really want to enjoy the first few weeks we are back in Melbourne.

Highlight: Unfortunately for a lot of this week our little man has been feeling quite under the weather thanks to a whole heap of teeth coming through. I know I often talk about how energetic (and exhausting) he is, but there is nothing worse than seeing your rowdy kids suddenly stop and become quiet and lethargic. We spent a lot of the week like this:


Day and night this was the only position that he was comfortable in. Thankfully yesterday he woke up much brighter. Still no sign of those pesky teeth but he seems to be in better spirits for now. So we took advantage of everyones good mood and we took a trip out to India Gate. We have been many times and it’s a very touristy area but there are heaps of things for the kids to do and we knew this would be our last chance to go this year. We spent the day playing and touring the monument and eating some awesome street food. I didn’t take any photos but here is a pic of India Gate for those of you who haven’t seen it before!


What I’m loving: Friday was the last day that our local grocer accepted the old currency so my MIL went and basically purchased the whole shop! It’s always fun when she does the shopping because she buys everything and then comes home and sets up a ‘market’ for me to come and take whatever we want for our kitchen upstairs. Here is a little sample of what it looks like:


What I’m looking forward to: Getting the rest of my wardrobe back!! I have quite a few parcels waiting for me at home as well as the rest of my wardrobe that I knew I wouldn’t be able to wear over here. I’m seriously scraping the bottom of the barrel in terms of making interesting outfits and combinations for you guys so just bear with me for one more week ok? haha, thanks 😉

Doing my best to re-work all my staple items.

I am also looking forward to getting my hair done at the end of next week. It is so much cheaper to get it done here so I figured I would get it done right at the last minute to see me through the rest of the year. It is also always nice to have fresh hair before a long haul flight because it makes me feel a tiny bit less dishevelled at the end of 16 hours haha.

Your questions:

We are planning on coming to India for a holiday but we only have 10 days. Do you think thats enough? Yes.You can definitely see a lot in 10 days and depending on where you are coming from (I’m assuming Australia), the jet lag shouldn’t be that bad.

You buy so many things from Zara, is it cheaper in India than Australia? No, like most big chain stores, the prices are pretty standard across the board. Often it seems like items are expensive here because 3000-4000 rupees (a pair of jeans or a dress for Zara)  is considered to be a fair amount of money. We are fortunate however that my husband earns USD,  so when converted 4000 rupees is less than $60.

Can you eat Pork? Well as you might remember, I have been eating a fully vegetarian diet for the past few months but my husband and kids still eat meat and we haven’t seen pork or any pork products anywhere. However from what I understand, some Indian Hindus do eat pork and there is nothing in their religious beliefs stating that they can’t eat it, it is more of a custom.

So that’s it! I really hope you’ve found it interesting to read about my expat experience over the past 4 months. As I said, we fly out next Sunday morning so I probably won’t have time to do another post next week, but depending on how interesting the week is, I might do a retrospective post from Melbourne. As always if there is anything you’d like to know or ask just leave me a comment or send an email and I’ll definitely give you an answer. I’m beyond excited to get back to Melbourne and start to think about what 2017 will bring. I will of course continue to bring you guys along for the ride too! For now though, its off to drag the suitcases out and start to slowly pack up our life. Again. Have a great week everyone xxx.

Outfit Of The Day



Denim Jacket: Calvin Klein (similar here), Top: Gifted (similar here and here), Jeans: Country Road (latest release version here), Shoes: Sperry (very similar here)

A little preppy vibe for you today because even though I’m in India, it can’t always be all palazzo pants and maxi skirts…lol! I am so happy that the weather has cooled down a little cause jeans and a tee is basically my uniform (which I’m sure I’ve told you a million times).

White jeans pretty much have no place in dusty Delhi but they are such a staple for me, I just couldn’t help myself when I was packing for our stay here. This top is actually a really fine, soft knit which feels so nice to wear and the thicker fabric gives it a little extra structure and coverage. I didn’t really need my denim jacket but I love the deep plum paired with the pale blue so I did the old trick of only wearing it around my shoulders for most of the morning. My go-to gold Sperry’s added a nice touch of interest to my outfit and I would have loved to wear a short gold necklace just around the collar of my top, but I couldn’t find have the right thing. Instead I settled for my chunky Michael Kors watch as my only accessory to finish off the outfit. I actually bought this watch on our honeymoon nearly 4 years ago and it has been one of my best purchases ever!

I can’t believe that it’s Friday tomorrow already! This week has flown by in an unexpectedly chaotic way but hopefully I can catch my breath on the weekend and see you back here for my Week 13 Recap! xxx

Monday Mornings

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Cardigan: Zara (similar here), Black singlet: lululemon athletica (similar here), Crop top: Forever 21 (similar here), Leggings: Forever 21 (similar here), Hoodie: Forever 21 (similar here), Shoes: Nike

Anyone else a sucker for Monday morning resolutions? No more alcoholic drinks until Friday night. No more sugar or junk food. Will work out every day. Sound familiar? I actually love Monday mornings. I can’t get to the gym over the weekend and am only able to work out when the kids are at school / day care which is Monday – Friday. I definitely don’t exercise all 5 days but having that little bit of freedom each morning is heaven for my sanity.

Last week I picked up some new activewear from Forever 21 and have since been busting to work out. I’m sure most of you can agree that having new clothes or shoes is the ultimate motivation to get your butt into the gym. I am usually a purist when it comes to my activewear. You know, Nike, Adidas, lululemon, Lorna Jane etc. Lots of fashion brands have added a sportswear line to their collections over the last few years but Ive always been a bit dubious of the quality. However with only two gym outfits with me in India and a constant  debate regarding our water supply, I decided to bite the bullet and just get a few pieces to see me through until the end of the year.

Well I think I’m officially a convert. At least with Forever 21. The quality is amazing, the fit is true to size and although I’ve only worn and washed it once, so far there are no complaints there either. Obviously in India I wouldn’t wear the crop top by itself but in Australia I would definitely feel comfortable thanks to it’s support and coverage. The sleeveless hoodie is a bit of a fashion addition for me, but it would be great for morning walks or post gym coffee’s too.

So what kind of Monday Morning resolutions do you guys make? Any tips to sticking with them ;)? Hope you all have a great week xx

Please note – the Forever 21 website is currently down so I’ve sourced similar products from Cotton On Body and linked them above. The Cotton On Body range is at a similar price point and although I’ve only worn a few items, I think the quality is quite similar too. 

Kenzo x H&M

Hi Friends, after a few weeks of missed ‘Fashion Friday’ posts, today I am back with an absolute winner! This morning I was lucky enough to be able to check out the new Kenzo for H&M capsule collection at my local H&M store here in India. Not many locations around Delhi received this collection, so I was so excited when I found out that the closest store to us would be stocking it.

I’ve been following its release across social media all week and I must say, I wasn’t that surprised by the mixed reactions to the collection. As a designer, Kenzo is not for everyone. Bold prints, a penchant for tiger heads and colour clashing can be quite a statement. Nevertheless I was still thrilled to be invited to the launch here and after peeking at the collection online, I knew I’d find SOMETHING that I’d like (disclaimer – I can pretty much find something to buy in ANY shop I go into. Trust me, it’s a gift).

So here were my picks for the most wearable and best value buys. Note – all images are taken from H&M Online.



Wool Blend Jumper $99.99

Honestly if this jumper was any other colour or any other shade of green I would have purchased it. The design and the fit are amazing. Unfortunately fluorescent green tiger stripes do absolutely nothing for me. For my tanned skinned ladies or just not so pale friends, I’d really suggest you try this!

Here is a change room pic:


Obviously pairing it with this skirt gives you a FULL ON Kenzo look haha, not something I would wear but if you are into print clashing, its not so bad. So having said that, here is the skirt.


Pleated chiffon skirt $199

I LOOOOOOOOVE this maxi skirt and I knew I would buy it just from seeing it online. It is great quality and the tiered layers give it so much life and movement. It does work best on a long legged lady such as myself but if you really loved it you could easily alter it thanks to the layers. Needless to say, it came home with me!


Printed silk top $69.99


Patterned silk skirt $99.99

Next up is this two piece set that is sold as separates and can easily be worn as such. For such a bold collection I love the subtleness of the colours but the design itself still speaks volumes. The blouse was sold out before I got there and even though I was tempted by the skirt, I really liked the idea of having the set, so I didn’t purchase it (….yet….).


Silk chiffon dress $199.99

This dress didn’t catch my eye online and when I saw it in store I thought it was a new piece because it didn’t look familiar at all. Then I tried it on however and absolutely loved it! It looks so much better on and the details on the sleeve are amazing. Those ties actually ruche up the shoulders and then tie into a small bow. It very, very nearly came home with me but then I was worried that my current Eastern location was getting the better of me and that in a few weeks I would find myself back in Melbourne with no where to wear a semi sheer, full length, kaftan style dress. So I left it. Here is a fitting room selfie:





Reversible silk-blend dress $139

There are a few reversible items in the collection and this drop waist mini dress was one of my favourites. Really wearable and easy for summer, this dress gives you a ton of bang for your buck with it’s effortlessly chic silhouette but totally different designs on each side. Also considering that it is a silk blend, I think $139 is a great price point!


Quilted silk dress $269

Loved this quilted pinafore and from looking online I thought this would be a strong contender to come home with me but it, like many other pieces, was so thick and heavy. Also at $269 it was one of the more expensive items and going from India to an Australian summer soon – I just couldn’t justify it. It would look amazing over a simple white tee or a silk pussy bow blouse though.


Patterned dress $269

And finally, my favourite dress. Gosh I love this dress. Like the pinafore above, this dress was ridiculously heavy, especially considering it is a mini dress, but for me its ultimate downfall was that it was too short. I (literally) bent over backwards in the change room trying to find a way that it could work but unfortunately as a mum of two and with not enough child free social occasions to justify it (and convince myself it wasn’t too short), I had to leave it too. Here’s a strategically posed change room selfie 😉 :


Ok so I know what you are thinking, “only one purchase?”. Haha well firstly, I know! But secondly, luckily for me they also had a great array of accessories. Most of them entered into the crazy, wacky realm, but some of them, like this neoprene clutch, were perfect.


Patterned scuba pouch $69.99

This little guy has just the right balance of personality and class for me so I snapped him up too, and was happy to leave the event with two new (and limited edition) items for my wardrobe. As I am writing this however I’m thinking I miiiiiiight still go back for that mini skirt…..

If you haven’t already had a squiz at the collection be sure to quickly jump online and find out which stores in your state are stocking it. Each item is in very limited supply and the range will only be around for as long as stock lasts, so don’t miss out!

Thanks again to H&M in Saket City Select Mall for the invitation. I WILL be saving my skirt for an upcoming hen’s night, so you’ll have to stay tuned to see how I style it! xxx

Catching Up


Hello! I’m playing a little bit of catch up today with this outfit that I wore last week. I absolutely love these wide legged palazzo pants. The legs are so full, it almost looks like I’m wearing a maxi skirt in some pictures. I paired the pants with a simple black cami (similar here) that I’ve had for ever and always comes to the rescue when I don’t know what to wear. A shorter, cropped tank would also look good but I liked the relaxed, almost pajama like vibes with the loose singlet worn on top.

I picked up the trousers from a market here in India so I have no brand to share with you but I have linked some similar ones here, here and here.

Happy Monday Friends x