What I Wore Wednesday

Jumper: Kmart (similar here), Skirt: Gifted (similar here), Shoes: Zara

How does everyone feel about the maxi skirt and jumper look? This trend has been around all year in different parts of the world and personally, I love it. It allows us to extend the longevity of our maxi skirts, a previously Summer only staple, whilst also providing a comfy alternative to pants.

I think it works best if your top layer is a fine knit like the one I am wearing, however if it is really cold or you are partial to a chunkier look, then go for a cropped option so as not to add extra bulk when tucking. I know that it is spring / summer where most of my readers are, however by the looks of it a few states will still be getting some wear out of their winter woolies for a while longer.

Let me know if you are a fan of the look and if you try it out! Happy Hump Day everyone xx

Outfit Of The Day



Denim Jacket: Calvin Klein (similar here), Top: Gifted (similar here and here), Jeans: Country Road (latest release version here), Shoes: Sperry (very similar here)

A little preppy vibe for you today because even though I’m in India, it can’t always be all palazzo pants and maxi skirts…lol! I am so happy that the weather has cooled down a little cause jeans and a tee is basically my uniform (which I’m sure I’ve told you a million times).

White jeans pretty much have no place in dusty Delhi but they are such a staple for me, I just couldn’t help myself when I was packing for our stay here. This top is actually a really fine, soft knit which feels so nice to wear and the thicker fabric gives it a little extra structure and coverage. I didn’t really need my denim jacket but I love the deep plum paired with the pale blue so I did the old trick of only wearing it around my shoulders for most of the morning. My go-to gold Sperry’s added a nice touch of interest to my outfit and I would have loved to wear a short gold necklace just around the collar of my top, but I couldn’t find have the right thing. Instead I settled for my chunky Michael Kors watch as my only accessory to finish off the outfit. I actually bought this watch on our honeymoon nearly 4 years ago and it has been one of my best purchases ever!

I can’t believe that it’s Friday tomorrow already! This week has flown by in an unexpectedly chaotic way but hopefully I can catch my breath on the weekend and see you back here for my Week 13 Recap! xxx

House Bound 

Hi Friends! 

My regular followers would know that usually on a Wednesday I do an outfit post, however I am on day 5 of being house bound due to ‘rising pollution levels’ in Delhi so I have nothing to share tonight. I figured I would spare you a post devoted to messy hair and the trackies I’ve been sporting all week so far 🙈. 

It’s been a crazy few days here in India with schools closing due to the pollution, an outbreak of chicken flu again and now today we woke up to the news that 500 and 1000 rupee notes are now banned to try and crack down on illegal money in the country. It’s thrown everything into a spin as a usually cash driven country has to suddenly bank large sums of money (and pay tax on it) and move over to a more electronic system or wait for new edition bank notes to be released. 

Anyway I just wanted to say hi and let you know that even though I’ve been quiet (and unintentionally missed my Expat Recap post on Sunday 😭), things are definitely not quiet here and with fingers crossed the schools will be finally open tomorrow and I’ll be back tomorrow night with an outfit post! 

Until then I hope you are all having a great week so far xxx